Jonas Aparecido Borracini (1)

Viviam Paula Lucianelli Spina (2)

Lucas Pedroso Fernandes Ferreira Leal (1)

Elcio Rodrigues da Silva (1)

Fabio Tadeu Panza (2)

(1) Médico Diretor do Centro de Perícias do Instituto de Medicina Social e Criminologia do Estado de São Paulo (IMESC)

(2) Médico Perito Oficial do Instituto de Medicina Social e de Criminologia do Estado de São Paulo (IMESC)




Considering that in all areas of medical expert practice, be it indemnification, social security, security, administrative, criminal or labor, in many cases evaluated subjects present traumatic body injury with fracture. From this perspective it is of great medical-legal interest that every expert should know the types of bone consolidation, treatments employed, factors that influence the consolidation and its complications. In this study, we carried out a literature survey on the subject to introduce non-expert in Orthopedics to these concepts. We discuss the types of bone healing, which may be primary or secondary, methods of fracture stabilization- relative or absolute-, factors that interfere in bone consolidation and one of the main complications, pseudoarthrosis. The goal of this study is to enable experts to identify the moment of consolidation of the fracture or the absence of it, in order to better assist justice within its expert practice.

Keywords: bone consolidation, fracture, medical expertise, pseudoarthrosis

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