Anatomia da região cervical


Leonardo Mendes Cardoso (1)

CV Lattes: 7070482182859245

(1) Instituto Sapiens, Goiania-GO






In view of the controversies about the temporality of the mechanisms of death in cases of cervical constriction – hanging, strangulation and garroting – research is needed in order to reach a better understanding of the nature of the trauma(s) involved – if, by succession in time, they should be framed as physical-chemical or mechanical. Thus, the term asphyxia would be better explored since it only means the lowering of oxygen concentrations in blood. The general objective of this article is to demonstrate the real mechanism of death by cervical constriction. Secondly, as specific objectives, the understanding about the legal importance of the time spent in these events would be reached, and it would allow to better quantify the suffering of such victims. According to observations, a mixed nature – physico-chemical + mechanical – would better define the mechanism of what we call asphyxia by cervical constriction.


Keywords: Asphyxias, cervical constriction, death, traumatic nature.

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