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How to cite: Barros FC, Caselli VM, Polubriaginof C. Violência doméstica na gestação. Persp Med Legal Pericia Med. 2022; 7: e220101

Submitted 06/22/2021
Accepted 09/07/2021

The authors inform no conflict of interest.

Fernanda Carolina Barros (1)

Victória Marsura Caselli (1)

Cláudia Polubriaginof (2)

(1) Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Santo Amaro, Departamento de Medicina Legal, São Paulo – SP, Brasil. (autor principal)

(2) Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade Santo Amaro, Departamento de Medicina da Família e Comunidade, São Paulo – SP, Brasil. (orientador)

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Introduction: Domestic violence against women is a global public health problem. Violence against pregnant women is of particular concern, practiced mainly by their partners, which can cause physical and psychological damage to women and complications to babies. Objective: To analyze the impact on mother and fetus resulting from domestic violence during pregnancy. Materials and methods: Literature review in English and Portuguese within scientific databases Medline, Pubmed and Scielo, using the following descriptors: “Domestic violence”, “Pregnancy”, “Pregnant woman”, “Domestic violence” and “Pregnancy”. Results: It is believed that violence suffered during pregnancy is of particular concern due to its impact on the mother’s health and behavior, as well as on the baby’s conditions. Identification of damages is limited, since violence often prevents adequate prenatal care. Conclusion: The risks brought to pregnant women due to violence are doubled, as they affect the fetus and infant’s life. This calls for an immediate coordinated response to reduce the prevalence of such problem.

Keywords: violence, domestic violence, domestic violence during pregnancy, pregnancy.

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