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Perspectives in Legal Medicine and Medical Expertise (PERSPECTIVES) is an exclusively scientific journal dedicated to the dissemination and scientific development of Legal Medicine and Medical Expertise in Brazil and worldwide. It is a free, open access journal edited by ABMLPM and published by Indexa.


  1. Conditions for publication

1.1 Originality and relevance

Manuscripts must be unpublished and deal with topics in legal medicine, forensic medicine and medical expertise or related subjects. They should be destined exclusively for the Perspectives in Legal Medicine and Medical Expertise, and simultaneous submission to other publications is not allowed.

1.2 Responsibility of authors, ethics, legal standards and good practices

When submitting an article, the person responsible declares to be the sole author of the article or to be the authorized representative of all authors, to have the right to allow its reproduction by third parties, as well as the reproduction of the images and graphics included. In case of articles with more than one author, the person responsible for the submission should aquire written statements from all other authors, allowing the submission of the manuscript to PERSPECTIVES. Legal responsibility for infringement of copyrights or image rights rests with the person responsible for the submission.

The authors are responsible for the veracity of the information presented in the manuscripts and for the use of good practices and professional ethics in the studies carried out. In accordance with international copyright laws, authors are responsible for the originality of the articles and all their images and graphics, or for obtaining permission to reproduce and include due credits for images from third parties, since the reproduction of content or idea previously published without credit to the original author is considered plagiarism punishable by law. Authors are also responsible for observing copyright, privacy and image rights laws and must obtain written permission (signed Informed Consent Form) to include identifiable images of individuals.

PERSPECTIVES follows all recommendations established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) to guide our editorial and ethical practices and to establish our conditions for publication. Please visit to get acquainted with its guidelines.

When submitting a manuscript with our eletronic system, authors are asked to agree to the terms of our Copyright Agreement. Click here to download.

1.3 Conflict of interest

When submitting an article, the person in charge should inform the sources of funding for the research. If there is any conflict of interest that may have affected the result disclosed by the article, this must be informed. Conflicts of interest are situations in which the author has an incentive to divulge results that improve the reader’s perception of a particular concept, procedure or product. The incentive can be of commercial character – sponsorship or partnership with a particular brand or company – or personal – friendship or kinship.

1.4 Clinical Trials and Human and Animal Experimentation

In Brazil, clinical trials involving drugs are only permitted with Anvisa’s authorization through registration in SISNEP – Sistema Nacional de Ética em Pesquisa – and REBEC – Articles including clinical trials should report this registration number before the title (see manuscript model). Foreign authors must adapt to national regulation regarding this type or research.

Studies involving human and animal experimentation, including use of private data collected from patients’ examinations, must be approved by an ethics committee recognized by the National Health Council (CNS) or its national equivalent at the country of origin.

1.5 Copyrights, preprint and postprint

PERSPECTIVES is an open access publication. In order to have your article published, authors must accept the conditions specified by the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, allowing their article to be republished and distributed freely by third parties, without prior authorization from the authors, publishers or publishers, always citing the authors properly and the original publication. For more information, please visit Click here to download the terms of our Publication Agreement, to which authors must agree when submitting a manuscript. Authors retain all copyrights to their articles.

PERSPECTIVES allows the deposit of manuscripts and approved articles in preprint and postprint depositories. According to the terms of CC BY license, after approval and publication, deposits must contain a link to the article at PERSPECTIVES website.

               1.6. ORCID ID for each author

Beggining February 2019, authors must be registered with academic database ORCID and his/her ORCID id must be informed on each manuscript. Registration is free at

  1. Submitting

Manuscripts must be submitted through our electronic submission system OJS. Please click here to register and begin your submission.

Articles must be submitted in Portuguese, English or Spanish, including title and abstract in English and Portuguese. Articles will be published in the original language. Authors are responsible for translation costs. Automatic or poor quality translations will not be accepted.

  1. Form and formatting

PERSPECTIVES accepts original research articles, literature review articles, case reports and updates on established concepts in legal medicine and medical expertise.

We also publish doctrinary discussions, letter to the editor, comments on published articles, notes, book and product reviews, personal point-of-view and other types of articles. Those will not be considered scientific article and therefore will not be peer-reviewed, assigned a DOI nor be included in third party indexes.

Click here to download a template. All recommended form and formatting guidelines for submission to Perspectives are listed on it. Please observe mandatory inclusion of an ORCID id for each author. Non-scientific articles may disregard suggested form but should comply with the formatting in the template. 

  1. Selection, peer-review and publication

PERSPECTIVES adopts the double blind simultaneous peer-review process. Each article received is sorted by the magazine’s editor-in-chief. If accepted, it is sent simultaneously for review by two peer-reviewers, who approve or suggest changes to the author. Authors must send a reedited article considering these suggestions in no longer that 2 weeks, which is forwarded to the original reviewers. This cycle can be repeated up to 3 times. If approved, an article undergoes a grammar review and it is then scheduled for publication.

To ensure impartiality, review is done “blindly”. This means articles are sent to reviewers with no information about its authors and authors receive no information about the identity of the reviewers who evaluated their article.

The author should expect to receive a response on screening approval within 6 weeks from the date of submission. After that, complete review and approval or rejection period is up to 6 months.

The main criteria for evaluation of the articles during the review process are originality, relevance (contribution to the specialty), literature review on the subject, organization and presentation, clarity, adequacy of the method and its execution to the indicated objective, adequacy and objectivity of results. Feel free to click here to download our Review Form.

Non-scientific articles will be reviewed by the editor-in-chief.

PERSPECTIVES reserves the right not to publish articles received, even if approved by the reviewers.

In case of discontinuation, access to all published content is guaranteed through REDIB’s website (Red Iberoamericana de Innovación y Conocimiento Científico). (IN PROGRESS).

  1. Publication and financing costs

The publication of articles on PERSPECTIVAS is free of costs for authors. All production costs are financed by the Brazilian Association of Legal Medicine and Medical Expertise, responsible for the publication.

Updated in June 2022.